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Sanitary Napkin

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Cherish Premium Healthy Sanitary Napkins

  • Ladies, this is what you have been waiting for! Cherish Premium Daily Use Pads are designed with 8 layers to keep you feeling fresh, dry and protect you for hours on your busiest days. CHERISH&...  Show more
Tags: Cotton | Dioxin Free | Chemical Free
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sanitary pads

  • Specifications - 1.Ultra-thin - 2. Super soft - 3.High absorbency - 4.Day and nigh mix Disposable Sanitary Pad Specifications: Size: 240mm, 280mm, 300mm, 320mm, 360mm Material: Cottony/PE-pe  Show more
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Feminine Sanitary Napkins Assorted

  • New Overstock bins of Assorted Sanitary Napkins (feminine hygiene products) from a major national drugstore chain. Brands are primarily private label drugstore brand pads and panty liners. ...  Show more
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Anion sanitary napkins and panty liners

  • ***** Anion sanitary napkins and panty liners contain 5800 negative ions/cm. A negative ion is a negatively charged atom, molecule or complex molecule having more than its normal amount of electro...  Show more
Tags: Anion Negative Ions | Negative Ions