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Electric Shavers

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Shaving Accessories

  • Phantasm Distribution sells general merchandise throughout the world. We are a International wholesaler that can supply your needs.  Show more
Tags: Shaving Accessories | Shaving Cream | Shaving Set

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Rechargable Triple-Head Shaver

  • Triple-head electric razor gives you that ultra-smooth clean, close shave! Compact design and rechargeable power source makes this indispensible grooming tool easy to use and super portable. Super-...  Show more
Tags: Electric Shavers | Personal Electronics | Electric Razors

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full beauty supply invetory

  • selling full stock of beauty supplies in bulk. The supplies are ethnic based. And we are selling them for 20k or best offer.  Show more
Tags: Beauty Supplies | Health & Beauty | Cosmetics

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Panasonic ER430K Personal Groomer with Vacuum

  • <UL><LI>Vacuum whisks away hair clippings <LI> Hypoallergenic 60 degree blade cuts cleanly without pulling <LI>Ergonomic design makes it easy to hold and position <L...  Show more
Tags: Panasonic | Groomer | Vacuum

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planetary rotary shaver

  • photo shows a typical Chinese brand of shaver that has been reconstructed with a planetary gear system in the shaver head in order to rotate the cutting heads. Any rotary shaver can be modified to...  Show more
Tags: Rotary | Shaver | Planetary

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planetary rotary shavers

  • Photo shows a working model of an existing brand of shaver that was modified to include a rotating head gear structure in order to test shaving speed and efficiency of the Planetary type of rotary ...  Show more
Tags: Electric

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The world's fastest rotaryshaver

  • 5 patents are available to a suitable Chinese manufacturer who is interested in manufacturing and marketing a new rotary electric shaver that shaves much faster and easier than any other rotary ...  Show more

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Easy Shave Cream & Skin Rejuvenator

  • EASY SHAVE formulations contain all of the attributes of the GOOD SHAVE with a mug, soap and water, shaving brush and a straight razor. It is done quicker, with no pain, a closer shave and virtuall...  Show more
Tags: Shave | Beauty | Health

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Mentos Ultra Shaving Gel

  • Mentos Ultra Shaving Gel ARSS Series For Sensitive Skin Helps Prevent Ingrown Hair Razor Burn Razor Bumps Shaving Irritations Retails for $5.99 Vollume Discount-Free Shipping(?) You can ...  Show more
Tags: Shave Gel | Sensitive Skin Shave Gel | Beauty Product