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Blueberry Soy Facial Masque

  • Clarify your complexion and combat visible signs of environmental stress. The antioxidants and phytochemicals found in  blueberries help to neutralize free radicals, which damage skin cell...  Show more
Tags: Blueberry | Anti Aging | Firming

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  • -Q10 Raffermissant Firming Mask -Sakura Elegant Ageless Brightening Mask -Parfait Whitening Mask -Humidite Moisturizing Mask  Show more
Tags: Facial Mask | Skin Care | Mask

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Time Defying Mask (AC-V)

  • AC Time-Defying Mask can effectively add moisture to your dry skin; thus, decreasing the formation of wrinkles and the appearance of skin aging. After use, your skin feels youthful and rejuvenated.  Show more
Tags: Multi-action Mask | Age Defying Mask | Time Defying Mask

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Transquilizing Mask (AC-IV)

  • AC Tranquilizing Mask is specially formulated for sensitive skin with allergic reactions. The mask is rich in botanical extracts, which can diminish the effects of skin irritation.  Show more
Tags: Tranquilizing Masks | Ac Tranquilizing Mask | First-aid Mask

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Peat Mud mask

  • We are a company doing a Skincare and Spa range using natural Irish Peat as our main ingredient. We specialise in peat products for facials, body wraps and foot treatments.  Show more
Tags: Peat Mask | Cures