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Cree Microwave

  • High electron mobility transistor (HEMT) designed specifically for high efficiency, high gain and wide bandwidth capabilities, which makes the CGH21120F id  Show more
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Mosfet Buz900 and Buz905

  • BUZ900 - N CHANNEL MOSFET, 160V, 8A, TO-3 Transistor Polarity:N Channel; Continuous Drain Current Id:8A; Drain Source Voltage Vds:160V; On Resistance Rds(on):1.5ohm; Threshold Voltage Vgs Typ:1....  Show more
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  • UM150CDY-10 Mitsubishi Power Transistor Module 150 Amp 600 Volt We carry many hard to find modules. Repair Parts for CNC Machines * PC BOARD REPAIR * PLC REPAIR * POWER SUPPLY REPAIR * SERV...  Show more
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TT92N12KOF IGBT Stocking Distributor

  • Part # TT92N12KOF ( TT92N12K0F ) 8 pcs in stock. Ready to ship. Eupec IGBT transistor power module New bulk. We have more of this part in stock as well as many others items. Discount prices fo...  Show more
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IGBT power transistor diodes stocking distributor

  • -IGBT Mosfet Power modules: CNC and CDC machine parts: Mitsubishi / Motorola / Semikron / Tyco / Fuji / Sanken / Toshiba / IR / Eupec / Vicor / Lambda / Powerex / GE Fanuc / IXYS / Sanrex / Hitachi...  Show more

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Silicon Wafers

  • Silicon Prime Wafers N-type P-type Single and double Epitaxial layer wafers N/N+ P/P+ N/N/N+ P/N/N+ N/P/P+ Semiconductor Devices Bipolar Transistors (Assembled or Chip Form) NPN...  Show more
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2MBI50N-060 Fuji Power module

  • 2MBI50N-060 in stock. We carry many hard to find modules. Repair Parts for CNC Machines * PC BOARD REPAIR * PLC REPAIR * POWER SUPPLY REPAIR * SERVO MOTOR REPAIR * WELDING CONTROLS * FEEDBACK DEVI...  Show more

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Bi Polar Diodes

  • Bi Polar diodes 1.5kVA 62Vdc, Manufacture Sussex Semiconductors, P/N# AX3-SZZ35-64-88-3-3XB. Make offer on parts available.  Show more
Tags: Bi Polar Diodes | Power Diodes

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Electronic Components

  • active and passive components, brokers, Brokers, BROKERS, Buy Active Components, Buy and Sell Memory Chips, buy electronic components, capacitor, Capacitors, Caps, catalog, ceramic capacitors,...  Show more
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