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Copper Bars

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copper bars 99.999.

  • hello dear buyer of copper bars ! we at mob sales Inc. suppliers of 99, 99-99.95% Copper Bar of 25 KG.   able to supply 30, 000 MT every month for long term agreement, and we have...  Show more
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  • We have gold dore bars for sale, giving buyers full control of their own shipping with the shipper of their choice for dore bars.  This affords the buyer with a safe buying experience. Pay...  Show more
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Oxygen Free Purified Copper 6N 5N

  • Purified copper and Oxygen free purified copper   Purified Copper used in microelectronics, the chemical industry, mechanical engineering, the atomic industry, the defense industry, etc. &...  Show more
Tags: Oxygen Free Purified Copper 6n 5n 4n 99 | 999-99 | 99999% High Purity 0-100 (d) Mm 50-500 (h) Mm

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Copper 5N

  • Oxygen Free purified copper 5N (200 USD per kg), 6N According to the request we can control the level of oxygen in a product / alloy or not / 14 different setting / different shapes  Show more
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