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Tin Ingots

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Cassiterite / Tin ore

  • I live in Boston, my father's friend has a mine in Brazil, and they are looking for potential international buyers. They will be able to supply 50-200 tons of cassiterite / tin ore per mont...  Show more
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tin ore

  • we have Tin ore 74% pure for sale. for any inquiry contact Alliance mining. The minimum order we accept is 20 tones.  we also have Tantalum 22% pure  siver and Gold. contacct Alli...  Show more
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Tin ingot

  • We produce Tin ingot, our products quality, packing and our production enviroment meet ISO specifications and standards Purity: 99.85% to 99.99% Specification: Sn % 99.9942 As % 0.0002 Fe% 0.0005 ...  Show more
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Tin Ingot

  • Our high-purity tin ingots are made in our Washington manufacturing facility for use by the largest and most-efficient plating operations across the world. We source the highest-quality metals tha...  Show more