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Other Water Sports Supplies

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Fishing Kite

  • NEW....Foldable Fishing Kite Smart Design based on ancestral frame style. Low weight. Hi performance. Really easy to handle.  Show more
Tags: Fishing Kite | Kite Fishing | Papalote Pesca Cometa

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  • HydroBike is unique equipment for aquatic cycling under water with water resistance,  hydro massage and color therapy.  BENEFITS ·  &A...  Show more
Tags: Biking Under Water | Hydro Bike | Aqua Bike

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AquaForce Single-Disc Hand Buoys

  • These AquaForce hand buoys are the perfect addition to your aquatic workout routine. Your arms, chest, back, and abdomen will all be worked with these closed-cell foam buoys. The single-disc buoys ...  Show more
Tags: Aquatics | Water Aerobics

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Jetovator, water powered stunt bike

  • Introducing the Jetovator, an amazing water powered stunt bike! Jetovator, simple design, superior maneuvers! With it's impressive list of aerial capabilities, the Jet...  Show more
Tags: Jetovator | Flyboard | Flybike

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Orange Board

  • Introducing the Orange Board At only $5200* The Orange Board, is by far the most economical way to fly. If you want quality and affordability this board is for you. It feat...  Show more
Tags: Jetlev | Water Jet Pack

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Fly Surf

  • Introducing the FlySurf. Fly like an eagle...swim like a dolphin! The FlySurf is the Cadillac of the flying waterboards. Unlike other boards the FlySuit allows riders to pivot their feet independ...  Show more
Tags: Fly Surf | Flysurf

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Jet Kayak

  • JetKayak an exciting new way to get out on the water!     What's cooler then a jet powered kayak? With joystick controls and a trigger throttle, our customers say driv...  Show more
Tags: Jet Kayak | Jet Powered Kayak | Mokai

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Jet Ski Alternative

  • New alternative to the jet ski, great for rentals, less fuel and great fun. Like a go cart on water, the Water Skimmer will give hours of fun with a fraction of the fuel of a jet ski or pwc.  Show more
Tags: Boats | Boat Dealers | Sport Boats