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  • Palm made of sheepskin leather Cotton interlock fabric back Cotton fourchette finger Round thumb  Show more
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wet blue hides and salted skin

  • We also deal in blue splits , wet blue sheepskins , goatskins and pigskins . We collect our hides fresh daily from slaughter houses , they are then selected and by our trained leather experts befor...  Show more
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  • Thomas Foods Rendering Division is seeing enormous growth both locally and internationally. Our range of meat and bone meals includes ovine meal and caprine meal, as well as a mixed ovine an...  Show more
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Sheep Skin & Hides

  • Because of the quality of the livestock that Thomas Foods processes, we are also able to produce top quality co-products. This has resulted in as much as 95% of our drum-salted rawskins being expor...  Show more
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Cow Skin, Sheep Skin and Animal Hides

  • We are suppliers of hides and skins such as wet salted cow skin, wet blue cow skin, dry salted cow skin, wet salted cow head skin, wet salted sheep skin, wet blue sheep skin, dry salted sheep skin,...  Show more
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Wet Salted Sheep Skins

  • Specifications The long-term supply high quality and low price Size: 6 to 10 sq.ft. Average size: 7.sq.ft. Wool length: 25 to 55mm  Show more
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